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Thermal Aerial LLC provides a variety of Aerial Drone services including Photography & Videos for Real Estate (Selling of houses), Land Photography, Surveying of Job Sites, Time lapse of construction projects, Crop inspections, and Insurance Property Damage assessments, Property Surveillance , Building Inspections, HVAC exterior Equipment inspections, Roof inspections, Tower (Cell / Water / Power) Inspections, Power Line Inspections. But the ultimate goal and passion of Thermal Aerial LLC and its owner is to making a difference. What will make a difference and for us to stand out is specializing in Thermography Imagery services. Thermography Imagery services will allow us to offer enhanced services for all the above services Plus Search And Rescue (SAR), Fire Fighting Aerial Support for structure and wild fires, Police search and rescue, Police search and locate, Because not only can we look at Visual Inspections, but ultimately using Thermography Imagery we could detect issue before they actual occur, without putting any personal at risk. There have been 2 fatalities already in 2019 as of 04/16/2019 which makes 50 since 2013. [ 2018 - 5; 2017 - 8; 2016 - 7; 2015 - 4; 2014 - 10; 2013 - 14] ( Using sUAS puts ZERO people at risk!  Why Risk someones life when we can just risk quickly and easily replaceable equipment.  Someone life is worth far more then $50,000 for a sUAS. Thermography Imagery allows Thermal Aerial LLC to see also if equipment is overheating. We can detect if a unit is running x degrees hotter than other similar units this could be an indication that it is about to failure before it actual fails.

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