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The Full Story

With an interest in technology, aviation, and the Great Outdoors.  David Tomasevich developed a passion for flight that couldn't be denied. David has enjoyed many Remote Control Aircraft (sUAS) over the years, Helicopters, Planes, Gliders, Quadcopters and even some land based vehicles like RC Trucks, hydrofoils, and boats. With the advancement in sUAS and other technologies deciding on a career in sUAS services was the easiest choice David made and with that Thermal Aerial LLC was launched officially on 4/4/2019.

Thermal Aerial LLC always ensures that they use the best equipment in the industry, and holds consultations with clients so they can better understand how Thermal Aerial LLC can save them money and provide a safer environment for their employees. If you’d like to learn more about Thermal Aerial LLC and work with them, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



On the Aerial Horizon

Thermal Aerial LLC offers numerous services, and no matter which you choose, will strive to deliver the best service.



The Beauty of Nature

Many clients approach Thermal Aerial LLC with requests to capture the special places of their lives. As an experienced Drone Photographer, this professional understands how much people have going on in their lives, which is why they aim to make Nature Photography as easy as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your questions or special requests.


Residential Photography

Thermal Aerial LLC offers this service to clients at a very reasonable rate. We understand that this type of photography is a necessity for those wanting to stand out in the Real Estate world, so they make sure it’s available at a price that makes sense. Get in touch if you’d like to try this service to add the extra visual experience to make that home sell faster.


Commercial Photography

Shooting Commercial Photography is yet another service of Thermal Aerial LLC, and a must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of their photography experience and professionalism. They aim to capture the atmosphere of each location, since great quality photos help make these more memorable. If you’re interested in hiring them for this service, please get in touch today.



See the Heat

Shooting Thermal Photography will be a particular specialty of Thermal Aerial LLC in the future, and a must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of their photography experience and professionalism.



Looking for a professional aerial photographer who can capture any situation? You’ve come to the right place Thermal Aerial LLC. 
Get in touch today to learn more.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.